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Outline Of Events

Outline Of Events


Recurring Events


Devos: Frequently, we will have a devotional on Sunday night. This will usually consists of us playing games, spending time in worship, having a devo, and eating dinner.


Tuesday Tradition: This is a time during the school year when we get together to spend time discussing the topics our teens want to learn. We do this every other Tuesday evening from 7 to 8 pm in the Loft.


MAD: Movie And Devo! We use this time together to watch a movie and discuss where we saw God working or Godly themes throughout the movie.


Service Projects: These will be times that we go into the community to serve in many different ares of need.


Movie Nights: Sometimes there will be a movie that comes out that many of our teens want to see. We plan a night (usually on opening night) to go and watch these as a group.


Lock-Ins: Once or twice a year we will meet at the church from 7 pm to 7 am. Throughout the night we will play games, have worship and a devo, do a spiritual activity, and hang out as a group.


Bowling Nights: These are nights we go to Thunderbird Lanes and bowl as a group. We usually go to Braum’s beforehand.


Bigger Events


Winterfest: This is a huge youth rally in Arlington, TX. We travel down for the weekend with many other youth groups and spend time worshiping, listening to great speakers, and spending time together!


LTC: Leadership Training for Christ is a program used to help our teens grow in the gifts God has given them. We spend time from January to Easter preparing drama skits, puppet shows, Bible reading, song leading, etc. Then some travel down to Dallas, TX so that our kids can showcase their talent. This program is for 3rd - 12th graders. If you are interested, see Melissa Ortiz for more details.


Servant Retreat: Open to all high school students, we are joined by a few other churches in Oklahoma and spend a weekend focused on God. We spend time worshiping, participating in some spiritual disciplines, listening to a speaker, and building bonds within all groups that attend.


OverFlow Retreat: Very similar to the Servant Retreat but open only to middle schoolers. We worship, do a spiritual discipline, play games, and begin to build bonds with all youth groups that attend.


VBS: Vacation Bible School is a week long event hosted by our Children’s Minister for those in grades pre-k - 5th. It is usually in the evenings from Monday through Friday but requires extensive planning and set up. Our youth group volunteers play an essential part in the success of the event.


Zenith: Oklahoma Christian in Edmond, OK hosts this summer camp open to all high schoolers. It is a week long and very similar to our retreats.


Cornerstone: This is the Middle School camp offered by Oklahoma Christian University during the summer. It is a week long and is also very similar to our retreats.


Westview Boys Home Service Trip: During the summer we travel to Hollis, OK to work with the Westview Boys Home. While we are there we help them by doing some kind of service work. This could include painting houses, building structures, or as simple as picking up trash. We also spend time hanging out and building relationships with the boys there.

Senior Sunday: We like to recognize and celebrate the graduating senior that will be moving out of the youth group. We will honor and bless them during Sunday morning service, and then we have a banquet for them on Sunday afternoon. During this time they will receive Bibles, be shown a video featuring pictures of them growing up, receive many gifts from our congregation, and be treated to dinner.


Sixth Grade Induction: During this weekend we help our incoming 6th graders transition into the Youth Group. We “kidnap” them and take them to breakfast with some of our already youth group members. Then on Sunday morning, we present them with Bibles and have the elders pray over them as they make the transition from our children’s ministry into our youth group ministry.